Beauty Lies NOT in the Eyes of the Beholder, But Yourself

‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ ‘Beauty is skin deep’ we keep hearing about it all the time, but still the fact is everyone wants to look forever young and everyone likes to be complimented on their looks.

To seek Appreciation is good. It helps you in many positive ways, the trouble begins when one goes overboard. Everything to a limit is great, anything in excess is trouble.

In my experience of two decades and more treating mainly women and children, have come across women of all ages.From fitness freaks, to wanting to be size zero to wanting to look like models on the runway.We also see women with a no care attitude, not bothered about health, some have given up and lack motivation to work on health and weight.

The key is to maintain balance. My thoughts and advice to all my patients has been to strike a balance.

Its awesome to be healthy and fit and look young. One should work towards it positively and constructively. I as a health evangelist have inculcated Basic healthy habits for self and advocate it to others to Stay young and beautiful! 

Simple things like Eating right, exercising, drinking water and getting adequate sleep, gives you a radiant look and keeps you young! 

Accepting yourself as you are being a Must. We work on building acceptance to self and move on to self-love step by step. What you think about yourself is extremely important. If you don’t love yourself no one else will, is what I tell my patients.

At times I have seen parents knowingly or unknowingly labeling the child as motu, fatty etc, not realizing the kind of negative impact it can have on the child.  I had a teenager come to me for weight loss, she was into depression because of her weight. Homeopathy entails a detailed history taking and while doing so I realized that since childhood she has been body shamed and that affected her so much that she could not mingle with people, didn’t have friends. Her Father had always wanted her to be the slim and beautiful girl. She had so much pressure that she could not handle it. Every time she dressed up, all that was said was” You look so Fat”, her self-esteem and confidence went for a toss. She wants to lose weight Fast because, if she does not lose weight parents will not send her abroad to study! This was a shocker. I am still working on building her self-esteem and getting her confidence back.

At 45, I look fit and nice is what people tell me. But what I think of myself is more important. I have grey hair and I colour my hair occasionally. So I met a gentleman in my lift and my hair were grey and he told me you have grey hair, and I said Yes it’s the wisdom that I carry with me. He smiled and said now even very young people have grey hair! 

I love my grey hair and yes I do want to cover them at times, that’s my choice. The only make up I choose to wear is a kajal and lipstick.

I wish to age gracefully and look my age. I am ok with being called aunty, I am an aunty, so why fret being called one. Being fit and healthy is what matters to me.

Style is what you can carry, Fashion trends come and go, but Style is YOU.

About the Author

Dr. Bhavi Mody

Women and Child Health Care with Homeopathy & Nutrition. Founder Vrudhi HolisticHealth Care & Edupsyche. Having already been involved in setting up Vrudhi Research Foundation, a non profit organisation to that effect, she co-founded Edupsyche, an institute that bridges the gap between Mental Health professionals and those seeking Mental Health Services