My Journey Towards Beauty Fulfillment

I come from Uttar Pradesh in India, where I feel women with plus size body figure are not as shamed as women in the other urban parts of India eg . Mumbai. And this makes me question as to "Why? Why should one be ashamed of her/his/their body when body is actually supposed to be accepted! And what leads to this change in perspectives in various region?" 

Simply because I am "fat", I face hostility and discrimination. I am asked to wear body shapers (which are expensive, so tight, making me feel like my body is trapped!). One thing I noticed personally, the number of body shapers available in urban markets are far more than those in rural areas. This makes me think "are the urban beauty standards far more deteriorated?" 

The constant effort to tailor my body as per other's needs (especially according to the males) makes me so naive that without knowing the consequences, I bombard my healthy body with pills which claim to make me thin. And interestingly, my health is not measured by my fitness (the fact that I do my chores far better and faster than any thin body) but by the amount of fat I hold. 

Things become even more worse if I do not hold a fair complexion. Because, fair plus fat equals  to chubby and cute but dark plus fat equals to ugly, according to what people are always expressing around me. As a result, we have hoards of products claiming to make us fairer within some span of time! This is the level of how a person can be made to think small of oneself ! These products actually disturb the normal and natural skin,  deteriorates them, burns them to appear fair. 

Loving our bodies is not difficult but is that such an isolated phenomena? No. No when we are surrounded by fixed standards of exclusionary fashion and harmful products. Change of course has to come from within ourselves, but can the whole onus simply be put on our own selves when in reality, we need inclusion from these exclusionary fashion products! It is essential to stop dehumanisation and belittling bodies which are above the set standards of beauty and to include all bodies to love themselves. 

Silence needs to be broken now! 

About the Author

Namrata Mishra