Struggles Of A Working Woman Trying To Keep Up With Beauty Standards

Today is a new day but the same old ritual. I wake up early, get on with my morning routine, making breakfast, packing my lunch and then getting ready for work. However, I managed to work out a bit more and my yoga poses where longer! Great start I believe! I look in to the mirror to get ready for work. Now begins the ‘what to wear debate’ that never ends. ‘Is this too revealing?’, ‘Is this colour too flashy?’ battling all of this I get into the boring greys and browns, again! 

Now for my skin, concealing and foundation is too much while leaving the blemishes and acne scars open is no good. I definitely do not want comments on how I look today. So, I do a little bit of hiding and the concealing business and, head on to work looking basic. I am still stared at and I am still commented on my hair. But, this is an everyday story! Am I happy? No. Does anyone care? I don’t think so! 

Struggles Of A Working Woman:

What To Wear, What Not To Wear: This indeed is an everyday problem and not just for me but for majority of women. Women are often termed as the ‘shoppers’ and the species who love to hoard clothes and still have nothing to wear. True in most cases! However, there is a lot of thought that goes behind what we choose to wear. It mostly depends upon the places that we go and the occasion that we have to attend. I cannot wear a short skirt at an official event and a mini at a pooja. If I am staying up late, I might as well cover up, taking note of the place and people around. I have been told to dress moderately and not reveal too much. Stay in my limits and never give a chance to anyone to comment on my outfit by dressing ‘rightly’. My question is, ‘Who decides the limits?’

How Much To Conceal: Everyone loves a flawless skin! Who does not like to have a radiant skin? Having a healthy skin and a good body frame is an asset that everyone unfortunately is not blessed with naturally. Having a bad hair day sucks! Especially when you have an important meeting on that day. No one is ever happy to see a pimple or some acne scars polluting the face on their special day. Solution? Concealing! However, make-up shaming is real. Too much or too little, take a call or shelve it altogether. Being judged is a phenomenon everyone struggles with!

Keeping Up With The Trends: Fads come, and they go. Trends keep changing. Keeping up with the trend, looking as good as everybody else does on social media and in parties, is a pressure that every woman feels. Social media, and the advertising has highly influenced on how we dress and look. We care constantly being told about what to do, what to wear, where to ear, what to use and so on!

Feeling Confident: Looking good and feeling confident surely has a connect. You naturally feel confident when you look your best. Hence, dressing up and getting ready before going out comes under basic grooming. Confidence that solely comes from the outer personality and appearance is not long-lasting. One bad comment about your look or the outfit and you are drained. Feeling confident from the inside is the key. I have seen women struggling to look and feel confident if they are under dressed. It is a real pain of getting up everyday and trying to look perfect. The struggle is real!

These everyday things may seem mundane but affect so many of us deeply. So, it is us who can change it. Our small step and little efforts like complimenting someone can be the beginning of the change that we all want to see! There is a long way to go but starting the journey is the key. 

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