Choose simplicity. Choose Beauty!

The beauty industry is flourishing. Beauty parlours and saloons are full of clients and customers. Is grooming the only reason why? Yes, we all love to look good, we all love to look presentable and why not! But, expecting ourselves to look perfect all the time is plain impossible. We all are habitual to fuss about the unkempt hair or nails that need attention. What about these rigid pimple marks? All those who are like me i.e. not blessed with a flawless skin can relate.

So what if you have messy hair or pimple marks, you ought to be proud of your scars. Own your personality and flaunt your uniqueness. There is no need to feel inferior or have any complexities because of our looks. We are naturally beautiful, and our smile is our magic wand. A smile does wonders for our overall persona. People instantly become more likeable if they have a lovely smile on their faces. This is irrespective of how you look; a smiling face is naturally lovable!

These days the glamour industry and the beauty industry is booming like no other. It is because good looks are sort of mandatory in this digital world. This is the age of social media and not one or two, but a thousand eyes can instantly judge you on the basis of one single picture you upload. I do not want to scare you, but isn’t this the reality? So, why do people constantly want to look so decked up all the time? Let’s dig in some real reasons.

To fit in:

The desire to fit in is a constant struggle for young girls and boys. You want the attention, you want the ‘likes’ and the ‘comments’. The spotlight fever is nearly spreading like wildfire!

Fear of being judged:

We do not want to be judged and we want to match up with the latest trends. Grooming is one thing, obsessing about the way we look is another. It is good to be presentable, but it is unhealthy to feel depressed because we do not match up with the beauty standards that are set by our society.

Other’s opinions matter to us:

At some level, we do let other’s opinions and comments bother us. We do feel bad when someone points out at the belly fat or our extra kilos here and there. No matter how much we try, we fall in the trap. The solution is to embrace yourself first and then make whatever improvements you wish to make.

We want to flaunt:

Yes, who does not love to flaunt their best features! We want to show that we look, feel and are perfect. That is why it is said that life on social media is way glossier than it is in real life. Because people show only the best parts and use all kind of filters on it! ‘Seth Godin’ called the internet as the ‘envy amplifier’ and I couldn’t agree more!

Insecurities and imperfections:

We want to hide our insecurities and imperfections. The make-up and other beauty products just enhance our features. But our real strength should come from within, it should not be based on some product or some external factor. Yes, grooming is important, but you are more important. Naturalness is truly the best!

About the Author

Meghana Pawar

Meghana Pawar is a Professional Content Writer, Editor, and a Lifestyle Blogger. She is a personal growth junkie, currently working in Digital Media. She's a true bibliophile and a stationery lover! Being a meditator and a yoga enthusiast, Meghana also volunteers and supports pro bono work in this field of interest.