Endometriosis and Body-positivity: A pep talk

Endometriosis is a problem in which the inner lining of a tissue inside the uterus starts growing outside. It is a very serious condition and neglecting it or not diagnosing it at a right time can also lead to many health issues in women. If not treated it can also lead to infertility. 

Due to the stigma prevalent in our society, many women do not feel comfortable talking about these issues. However, suppressing these issues is not good for your health. You must never ignore the signs your body is giving to you. Common symptoms like excessive pain during periods are ignored by many as a part of being woman, but you must know that these are the signs your body gives that something is wrong.

According to a study conducted by a fertility and IVF expert Kshitiz Murdia, around 50 percent of women suffer infertility due to endometriosis. Moreover, it also leads to the formation of endometrioses or cysts in the ovaries. In extreme cases, there is a possibility of them growing in the lining of abdomen and pelvis. In some cases, they have also been found wedged between the vagina and rectum. This often leads to severe pain during sexual intercourse and painful bowel motions. Other symptoms are chronic pelvic pain, urination during menstruation, etc.

Endometriosis is now being diagnosed more rapidly than ever before, or it can be the case that due to awareness more cases are coming out in the open which were once ignored. 

In recent study, it has been found that this condition causes complications in conceiving if discovered in later stages. Many women have to undergo advanced fertility treatment like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) as when endometriosis is in its 4th stage also known as severe endometriosis, it leads excessive scarring and even damaged ovaries. The women who wish to conceive have to go for medical therapy to surgically remove the scarred tissue. 

But it is nothing to be afraid about as it increases the chances of getting pregnant and helps in restoring the normal anatomy.

Endometriosis not only affects our inner body but can also cause fatigue, bloating, irregular bleeding and scars. However, it needs to be reiterated that this disease is nothing to be ashamed about. It can be cured and once cured you can go back to your routine feeling much better than before.

You know what celebrities like Padma Lakshmi, Lena Dunham, Halsey, Whoopi Goldberg, Celina Jaitley or Katrina Kaif have in common? They all suffered from Endometriosis, but now these prominent women have opened up to spread awareness about this disease so that no other woman suffers the way they did. 

In Endo Foundation’s 2009 Blossom Ball, Whoopi Goldberg said how it never occurred to her that women were unaware about this condition. She further said, “If you don’t discuss it, many more women are going to find themselves unable to have children, or find themselves close to dying because it’s led to something else.” She is now working on spreading awareness about Endometriosis. 

Recently, Lena Dunham was diagnosed with Endometriosis and post treatment she posted a picture of herself on Instagram with all those scars on her bikini line to promote Body-Positivity post Endometriosis.

Let us learn from these amazing women. They have come out as victorious role models to all those young girls, who feel their life was ruined after they discovered that they harboured this disease. Not only have they battled the disease, but they have overcome the negative effects to lead a wholesome and fulfilling life.  

WHL TIP: Endometriosis scarring can be both physically and mentally taxing, especially because endometriosis continues to be a condition very few people talk about. If you are looking for support groups to help you through this, Contact Us.

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