Healthy Menstrual Cycle: with Sivaranjani Ganapathy

We often misunderstand menstruation as just the 3-7 days of bleeding which must somehow be managed. However, each menstrual cycle is typically month-long, and plays a role in our lives every day, with various hormones involved. Moreover, the menstrual cycle is also often reduced to just a conversation about the uterus and fertility. Whereas hormones like estrogen and progesterone play an important role in other health systems in the body like digestion, sleep quality, bone health, cardiovascular health and more. A healthy menstrual cycle is an indicator of overall good health. 

This webinar by women's health coach Sivaranjani Ganapathy reframes menstrual health as a public health issue and highlights how it is central to overall good health.

In this webinar, we explore:

  • What exactly is a healthy menstrual cycle and why is it important

  •  How is the menstrual cycle connected with other health systems in our body

  • The role of diet and nutrition in maintaining menstrual health

  • How do we know if something is wrong with our menstrual cycle

  • Understanding ovulation and other important processes during the menstrual cycle

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