Menstruation at work: Why we must have period-equipped workplaces in the 21st century


Advocating for Period-equipped workplaces is viewed by many as “first-world problems”, under the false assumption it's an “elite problem”, not reflective of the condition of the average woman in the country. We bring this E-book to you, to highlight that menstruators matter in every space: their health, safety and comfort should not be considered a “niche” issue. It is problematic to say that a health issue faced by a large number of people, does not merit exhaustive solutions, because another set of people face a different kind of problems. It is 2019. Menstruation should be mainstream in every space and conversation.

This E-Book is part of our “Re-Visible” campaign, which seeks to visiblise women's health issues, that are dismissed and stigmatized by society, culture and medicine.

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