Pelvic Health for Women: with Prashanti Ganesh

The International Society for Pelvic Pain found that 61% of women are unaware of what is causing their pelvic pain. That is primarily because pelvic health is one of the areas least focused upon by men and women alike, despite its role in digestion, reproduction, comfortable sex, postmenopausal health, incontinence and more. 

Women's pelvic health is much more than just doing regular kegel exercises. In fact, unsupervised kegels can often have an adverse impact. Pelvic health specialist and founder of Strength Systems, Prashanti Ganesh, demonstrates a simple exercise for beginners, on how to be conscious of the pelvic floor and learn to work it consciously. 

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • What exactly is the pelvic floor and where is it

  • What role does it play in overall health

  • Pelvic floor malfunction

  • Relationship between pelvic floor and pregnancy

  • Different types of urinary incontinence

  • The importance of maintaining and recognising the pelvic floor as one of the most important muscles of our core complex. 

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