PMS 101 : Premenstrual Syndrome Decoded

We are delighted to bring to you our first E-book, exploring Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), a condition that is commonly experienced and just as commonly misunderstood. With our aim to destigmatise, normalise and radicalise women’s bodies, this E-book makes an attempt to parse through myths, misinformation and concrete research done on this subject.

Our attempt is to help women have a more mindful relationship with their bodies, navigating stigma, silence, lack of timely access to the right healthcare, and the constant resistance to socio-cultural dismissal of their pain.

Women who suffer from severe forms of PMS, and need answers or validation-- know that we hear you. There is nothing “imaginary” about your discomfort. You are not “over-reacting”. To all women out there, we hope that the next few pages will equip you with some explanations and solutions.

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About the Author

WHL Staff

The WHL staff comprises a group of ladies out to give you exhaustive, practical health tips and resources.