Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Nutrition: with Huda Shaikh & Amruta Ray

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) has long been misunderstood and mismanaged in patients, as simply a disease of the ovaries and uterus. This webinar talks about PCOS diet by reframing it as an endocrinological, metabolic disorder, with impacts on reproductive health, which needs careful diet and lifestyle management.

Renowned nutritionist and founder of Sampurna Integrated, Huda Shaikh, shares why it is important to understand hormonal health and hormonal processes in order to treat PCOS holistically. Amruta Ray, who runs the Instagram handle “PCOD Made Me Do It”, shares about her PCOS journey, how she used a process of trial and error to listen to her body and come up with her own range of PCOS diets. 

This webinar covers the following concerns:

  • What exactly PCOS is and what are the hormones involved

  • Why does gut health matter for managing PCOS

  • How to make lasting changes in diet and nutrition to manage PCOS

  • The reason behind male pattern hair growth

  • Some common myths around PCOS and food, PCOS and fertility

  • Difficulty in weight loss

  • How to choose a diet plan that works best for you

  • How to tweak your regular recipes and make them PCOS-friendly, while still maintaining great taste

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