Why we need biodegradable sanitary napkins

Every month, a woman has periods on an average for 5 days, it can be less or more, as it varies from person to person. However, what is common in all of us is that at some point or another we all have faced those rashes on the bikini line, itchiness and foul smell due to sanitary napkins and tampons. We try our best to stay clean and fresh, we use different products so that the pad doesn’t irritate our skin, even change it as often as we can. Yet we face the same problems! 

Do you know why? It’s because most of the pads and tampons are made of bleached rayon, cotton and plastics. Moreover, these products usually leave behind fibers that can lead to many bladder and vaginal infections. Further, it has also been discovered that tampons tend to absorb even the natural fluids and friendly bacteria that help in cleansing the vagina. 

What’s more, the first ingredient used in making tampons and pads i.e. Rayon, is a fiber that is made by processing cellulose fibers into chemicals like carbon disulphide, sulfuric acid, chlorine and caustic soda. Moreover, sanitary pads also contain a little amount of plastics that does not allow sufficient air flow thus resulting in a breeding ground for infection. Moreover, these products which are considered to be for the welfare of our hygiene are bleached using chlorine. This can result in production of dioxin, a chemical which is associated with diseases like breast cancer, endometriosis, and immune system suppression.

Thus, to avoid these health risks we advise you to use eco-friendly products. Here’s a list of some recommended products which are easily available in India and are pocket friendly too.

  1. Anandi Pads – These pads were launched by Aakar innovations, a sanitary napkin production unit that offers livelihood to rural area women. Available in the market at the name of Anandi, these pads are fully affordable, biodegradable, UV rays sterilized and adhere to BIS standards. 
  2. Jayaashree Industries – Arunachalam Muruganantham created a machine that produces sanitary pads at a much lower cost. This machine is powered by electricity and foot pedals.
  3. Ecofemme – This organization is known for its women’s empowerment projects and promoting healthy, dignified, and affordable practices. They provide washable cloth pads that can be re – used and are biodegradable as well as healthy for a woman’s body.
  4. SheCup – A new concept in our India. SheCup offers a menstrual cup made of medical grade silicon that collects blood, unlike pads or tampons that absorb it. They are inserted inside the vagina and are much more hygienic that sanitary napkins and tampons. 
  5. Goonj NJPC (Not just a piece of cloth) – The NGO Goonj initially started as turning clean pieces of cloth into sanitary napkins, now named ‘My Pad.’ These are environment friendly, re-usable and economic.
  6. Srikakulam Chapter of Association of India’s Development (AID) – They offer low cost cloth pads made of cotton, khadi and flannel. 

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