Sanitary Napkins: Can they be harmful?

Only 12% of India's 355 million menstruating women use sanitary napkins. Over 88% women resort to alternatives such as non-sanitary cloth, ashes, and even husk sand at times. The major reason behind these statistics is the problem of accessibility and affordability. Around 70% of women in India say their families can't afford to buy sanitary napkins. Many rural women cannot afford these basic amenities, as they have access to very few resources. In the urban spaces with access to safer hygiene products, sanitary devices other than napkins— such as tampons or menstrual cups— will take relatively more time to gain popularity in India. Tampon sales in India is seven times lower than that of sanitary napkins, according to a survey. While there is no detailed survey available on the sale of tampons, Johnson & Johnson is believed to dominate this segment in India.

Tummy Tucker and Shapewear: Know their side-effects

Body shapers are a multi-million pound industry, with companies increasingly working towards manufacturing them. Body shapers are considered as an easy and convenient way to look “slim and beautiful”. While not helping you lose weight in a healthy way, tummy-tuckers give the appearance of reduced belly fat, fat from the posterior regions of the body, and minimized body bumps.

Pubic hair removal: all you need to know

Body image and women’s body hair Pubic hair protects female genitalia from friction and infection. It is absolutely not necessary to shave it— although depilation does help in preventing hair lice. While removing pubic hair, a lot of women get cuts or ingrown hairs, and some develop inflammation of the hair follicles, or hyperpigmentation. If  precautions are not taken, with regard to using a clean, sterilised razor – there is a possibility of skin infections and perhaps an increased risk of contracting herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases. Pubic hair removal is personal and cosmetic, not medical If a woman likes how she looks with no pubic hair, great. Whatever she likes and makes her feel best is great. A lot many times, women are often pressured into getting rod 

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